Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Finished Springtime Tote Bag!

Today made this adorable bag based off of the tutorial I posted last night. I absolutely love it! It's exactly what I needed for school.

I did make a silly mistake though so I thought it would be worth sharing: When placing the straps to be sewn in make sure you place them between the two right sides on each side and not just inside the inside-out tote. If you do this they will be trapped inside when you turn the bag inside out.

Also, I found that I prefer leaving the opening to pull through in the top hem of the bag. This makes it very easy to iron and simply sew shut. I believe in the link it says to leave the opening in the side of the bag..

If you aren't into in making your own bag but would like to have one I am making them for $28.00 for a simple tote and $32.00 for a pocket tote. (shipping is always free).

I have several solid and patterned materials and can combine up to 3 different ones for your bag based on your interests. All bags are reversible! Pre-shrunk and machine washable.

Please email me at ruebiretro@gmail.com.
or shoot me a conversation at Ruebi Retro Vintage

For this bag I used Vintage 1988 Atelier Collection screen printed material (stripes) and a cotton blend print weaved and printed material (floral). I can personalize your bag with any prints/colors. I can also add a button pocket.

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  1. I'll post better pictures tomorrow when I've got some natural light. These don't do justice to these fabrics at all.